Where are they now?


Most of this information came from the 1998 reunion although there have been a few updates since then but most information is VERY dated.  If you want to update anything send your information here.

Kathy (Adams) Nelson lives in Santa Ana. She and Rick have been married 21 years. They have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. She works in child care in a home preschool program. Her greatest accomplishments since high school are her 2 kids and helping to guide children in the right direction.

David Alexander is married to Susan and they live in Costa Mesa, CA. They have 2 children Devyn and Katie. David is an art teacher at Estancia High School. He enjoys fly fishing and golf.

Alan Angerbauer married Gail in 1970 and they have been living in Laughlin, NV. since 1974. They have 3 boys and 4 grandchildren, last granddaughter born on April 11, 2005.   They enjoy hiking and boating.

Mary Ester (Aranda) Butticci lives in Vallejo, CA. She's been married to her husband Tony for 3 years. She has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. She works for Pacific Bell as a communication tech. She enjoys sewing and raising her grandchildren.

Louise (Atchison) Summers has been married to fellow classmate Randy Summers for for 27 years. They live in Fallbrook, CA and have 4 daughters.

Joe Baker:  I am now living in San Diego and Oroville, California, actually dividing my time between my mountain home on 8 acres and my sailboat "Wasserschloss"  in San Diego.  I have been retired since 2005 after spending 20 years in the army finishing as a major of Infantry and another 20 years as a rural/city/environmental land use planner for a variety of communities all over the United States.  I am currently single and enjoying traveling, sailing and doing a little writing as well...

Jim Beals lives in Sandia Park, NM and has been married to his childhood sweetheart Fay for 42 years. They have two sons: David and Bryan. He retired in 2012 from Sandia National Laboratories.  He's a registered professional engineer and enjoys photography, traveling, and music.

Linda (Blanchette) Haines lives in Yorba Linda, CA. She and her husband Bill have been married 25 years. They have 7 children! (4 boys, 3 girls). She is a HR/Office Manager for American Home Loans Corp. She likes to riding bikes, camping, crafts, and sewing. She says her greatest accomplishments since high school are having Bill as her husband and having 7 children. She also worked at Disneyland for 17 years.

Julie Blix lives in Costa Mesa, CA and works as a RN in Orange. She likes singing and playing the guitar.

Marcia Blaschak lives in Huntington Beach, CA. She has 2 sons and one grandchild on the way. She works at the Santa Ana Police Department. She likes travelling and horses.

Kathy (Blondel) Chapman is an Administration Specialist at the University of California at Riverside. She and her husband Greg have been married for 6 years and live in Riverside, CA. She has 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Her interests include her grandchildren and travelling. Her greatest accomplishments since high school are quitting smoking and her children.

John (Stan) Bokosky - My wife and I moved to North Tustin in 2011 after living in Irvine for over 30 years raising our 3 kids there.  In November 2018, we will have been married 43 years.  All our adult children (and four grandkids) live in O.C. so we're lucky because we get to see them fairly often.  Career wise I worked in the health care industry for over 40 years and stopped working earlier this year to finally take some (I feel deserved) time off.  Both my wife and myself are in pretty good health which we realize is a blessing as we grow older.  We do some traveling as the urge grabs us and have a lot of hobbies and interests that keep us active but also enjoy the time we get to spend at home relaxing and the time we get to spend with family and friends.  Looking back over the last fifty years, there have been struggles and challenges but overall we consider ourselves blessed and are thankful to God for all we’ve experienced and hope there is much more to come for us and all the1968 graduates of SAVHS.

Beverly (Bowen) Crisp has been married to Howard for 21 years.  They live in Santa Ana and have 2 daughters and 1 grandson. She's a purchasing agent and works for the City of Buena Park, CA.

Pam ( Boyum ) Gomez - Married to Rudy Gomez (class of 67) for 32 years.  Lives in Scottsdale, AZ.  Has three daughters and one grand daughter.

Casey Brown re-married (2001) his ex-wife & college sweetheart, Kathleen (Keating; Mater Dei- Class of '72), and they've moved to Prescott Valley, AZ, to retire (June, '17). He is proud to have served 1.5 years in the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Honor Guard in Wash., D.C., after graduating from Santa Ana College in 1970. Since graduating from C.S.U.-Fullerton in 1975 (BA-Speech Communications), he had a 35+ year career as an outside salesman, Factory Rep.. His hobbies include Travel (cruises! & Hawaii), singing & hearing barbershop harmony, and reading books on Kindle. Kathy & he raised 3 children; Kristine (Scottsdale, AZ), and Jeffery & Ken (Fresno, CA), and have one precious grandchild, Violet (Scottsdale, AZ)

Kathryn Brushert lives in Dana Point, CA. She works in Heath Fitness at El Toro Marine Base (Civil Service). She likes reading, movies, and running.

Dave Buchholz is a teacher and Resource Specialist (Special Education) at Creekside Middle School in Rohnert Park, California. He’s married and they a sixteen-year old daughter.

Larry Callahan lives in Fountain Valley, CA. He has 2 children and 2 grandchildren. He is a plumber and still likes to surf.

Randal Chuning lives in Fillmore, CA. He has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. His recreational activities include surfing.

Candy Carlson lives in La Mesa, CA. She's divorced and has 2 kids. She's a Classified Document Librarian at the Navy Center for Tactical Interoperability. She likes football and baseball and says raising two kids and remaining sane is her greatest accomplishment since high school.

Rosa Castro lives in Santa Ana. She's an office manager at the University of California at Irvine. She does volunteer work at her church. Her greatest accomplishments since high school include surviving cancer, traveling throughout Europe, Hong Kong, and Mexico, and working in an educational institution. She plans to spend the year 2000 in Australia.

Mark Cordova living in Wildomar, California, married 35 years, four children, seven grandchildren, two great grandchildren, retired 30 years with Riverside County Sheriff, will retire in two from San Bernadino County District Attorney's office, still surfing and got my guitar signed by Dick Dale.

Ruth Cowan lived in Peru froom 1978-2010, spending every 5th year in the US. She worked as secretary to the Director of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, the overseas affiliate of the Wycliffe Bible Translators. Half of that time she worked at a jungle linguistic center in the eastern Amazon area of Peru and the last half in Lima. She now lives in Orlando FL and works at the national headquarters of Wycliffe, mobilizing prayer for Bible translation projects nearing completion. She was privileged to live with her father his last 2 ½ years. He died Feb 2017, 12 days short of 101.

Ingrid (Davies) Sager and her husband Robert have been living in Gig harbor, WA for 8 years.

Elizabeth Delany. Has 2 sons: Michael age 29 Union Electrician in Ohio and Brandon age 25 Sgt. USMC in Camp Legune, NC. Divorced in 1985, finished her first marathon in Oct 1996. Lives in Centreville VA.

Peggy (Daugherty) Mattegn lives in San Diego with husband William. She has her own business at home, likes to fly airplanes (she's a private pilot) and she survived white water rafting in Idaho.

Judy Daugherty lives in Vacaville, CA. She is a restaurant manager and likes computers. She says her greatest accomplishments since high school are her 2 great sons who survived her mother.

Margit (Gina)Farkas - Waycasy - I was born in Germany and came to the United States when I was almost 2 years old. I'm outgoing, creative, warm, caring, active women who loves to travel, go camping, go bowling, play tennis and loves carnations instead of roses. Dancing is still in my blood, dining out, spending my time with friends and family, and I'm the same person I was in high school only better because we're all like wine, get better with age.....lol I have a wonderful daughter who married a firefighter and has two sons, Hayden the oldest and Elias. I married a man I dated over 33 yrs. ago and we married over 10 years ago and found he is not only the best husband but has become my best friend as well. I am the luckiest woman and wish that everyone could find this kind of love and happiness. I was the proud owner of a vintage store in Ventura which I had to close due to large thrift stores & vintage mini malls coming into the area. But I have had an offer to do something more creative, an opportunity of a lifetime being an executive of a company which is going to be built in Camarillo. I will be heading the Administration & Hospitality Depts. and General Mgr. of Hospitality. At this age the decision is a difficult one but still considering it while waiting for more details; which should be coming very soon. 

Dan Fisk has lived in Sacramento since completing Chapman College in 1982. In 2009 I retired from an Admin position at Sacramento County Jail Psychiatric Treatment Center. My hobbies are: restoring my Craftsman house, travel, making jewelry and incense, watching Dark Shadows on DVD, reading, and I take advantage of the Tahoe ski resorts, snowboarding. The hobby list grows exponentially with retirement.
Sharon (Foley) Meek lives in Yorba Linda,Ca and is married to high school sweetheart Gary Meek (class of 67) for 48 years. Retired and is kept busy with 6 grandchildren.
(Tim Franklin passed away on July 31, 2013) I'm Timothy Franklin and I'm currently living in Saint Helens, Oregon still married to Rita Franklin going on 21 years.  I still own my own concrete construction business.  I have a total of seven children and 11 grand children. Still enjoying the weather of Oregon but it's nothing like the warm sunny days of good old California. The warm water and surf days are always on my mind. No warm water up here, in the northwest but there is good fishing and hunting. If you would like to contact me, email me at franklinconcrete@hotmail.com or call me at 503-313-5875   Look forward to hearing from you.   Photo of me taken on ( 2/27/09)  http://i42.tinypic.com/iynbyr.jpg

Sue (Furman) Tomlinson is married to fellow classmate Jim Thomlinson. She operated a successful catering business for the past 8 years, but sold the business last year and now does work with underprivileged children. She is also very active in the local PEO organization. Lives in Bloomsburg, Pa.

Nancy Fredericks lives in Santa Ana where she works for the Santa Ana Unified School District as a secretary in the Visual & Performing Arts department. She likes all outdoor activities including fishing and loves animals (cats & dogs). Her greatest accomplishments since high school are giving birth to her only daughter and inheriting a son-in-law.

David Godley lives in Yuma, AZ. He and Debbie have been married for nearly 40 years.  David began his college career at Arizona Western College in the spring of 1970 as an entering freshman.  Upon completing his studies at Northern Arizona University (1974) he returned to Arizona Western College as an adjunct faculty member.  Later he became a full time professor at Arizona Western College (Professor of Accounting) and an adjunct faculty member at Northern Arizona University.  In May of 2012, David decided to retire after 42 years of service for both institutions.  His passion has always been playing golf and has joined the Amateur Golf Tour sponsored by The Golf Channel.  David and Debbie have two grown sons, Phillip and Matthew.  David is also the owner of David L. Godley, CPA, PLLC.

Diane (Goeman) Jacobs lives in Santa Ana and has been married to fellow valley classmate Willie Jacobs for 27 years. They have a daughter in college.  Diane works for the Bank of America.

Randy Guillen lives in Santa Ana. He's been married to Sandy for 24 years and they have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. He is a mechanical designer and has designed entertainment systems for commercial airlines. He likes old cars and has traveled to London and Hong Kong.

Mike Hayes has been married to Pam (Brown) (SAVHS Class of '69) for 27 years. They live in Villa Park, CA and have 2 children. Mike is a Judge in the Orange County North Justice Center.   They have a daughter who graduated from law school and took the bar and a son who is a police officer. He enjoys woodworking and golf.

Linda (Heltzel) French lives in Stockton, CA and has a 28 year old son named Brian.   She retired from the State of California where she was a Corporation Income Tax Auditor.  Linda has lived in Stockton for 13 years with her husband Robert French who owns several corporations.

Kevin Herold lives in Redondo Beach, CA and has been married to Cathy for 4 months. Kevin has 6 children and works at the Vons Companies. He likes scuba diving and photography.

Rozanne Hill works at Lucas Aerospace and lives in Rialto, CA. She has 2 children and likes to play golf and animals. She says her greatest accomplishment since high school is having two great daughters and making it on her own.

Richard Hilliard and his wife of 6 years Sherry live in Chino, CA. They have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. Richard is the owner of the House of Redwood Inc. His interests and hobbies include boating, motorcycling, and travelling. His greatest accomplishment since high school? … married his wife Sherry.

Marta (Keith) Bechtel, completed her doctorate in 1997 at University of Southern California School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Continued with post-doctoral research at USC and is currently a research scientist at UCLA working on ovarian cancer research. She and her husband Thurston have been married 28 years and have one son Geoffrey. They live in Downey, CA

Dale Knudtson, Graduated from SA College '1970; graduated from Cal State University, Fullerton 1972. Real Estate Broker since 1973.  Divorced after 25 years. 2 children. Reside in Placentia.  Obtained law degree (J.D.) with Scholastic Merit from Western State University College of Law (May '02).

"Deborah "Debbie" Kurilchyk resides in Tustin Ranch. Currently she is a public policy analyst and regulatory lobbyist for Southern California Edison in Environmental Affairs. She received her BA from UCSB in Political Science, MPA from USC, Teaching Credential from CSULB, and Air Quality Management Certificate from UCI. Deborah's career has taken her to work and live in Washington, DC four times; the last time as an appointee in the Reagan Administration at the Department of Energy, in Congressional Affairs. Deb served on our Reunion Committee and said how much she loved seeing everyone and hopes you will join us for the Mini-Reunion Cruise in the year 2000!"

Chuck Lia - My wife Lisa and I currently live in Alpharetta, Georgia, a beautiful suburb about a half hour north of Atlanta.  I have lived in Atlanta for the past 15 years and truly love the quality of life and the people here.  I have five children (four daughters and one son caught in the middle, including a set of identical twins) and seven grandchildren (five grandsons and two granddaughters).  My daughters and their families all live in Orange County and my son and his family live in Minnesota.  Thankfully everyone is doing well and, like everyone else I am sure, I am thrilled with and proud of all of them.  What a blessing they all are.
Someone asked on the website to share what our one claim to fame is.  The one thing that stands out to me is that my oldest grandson, Trent, and I were the United States Tennis Association’s #1 ranked Grandfather/Grandson Doubles team in America in 2010.  In fact, we reached the National Championship match in four consecutive National Grandfather/Grandson Doubles National Tournaments.  (We were also ranked #3 nationally in 2009 and #2 in 2011.).  Not a big deal mind you, but fun all the same, and Trent and I will never forget the wonderful memories we made as we played on the grass courts, clay courts, and indoor courts in Boston, and on the hard courts in La Jolla at the national tournaments, and toured museums and attractions and great restaurants around those areas in our free time.  Again, what a blessing.
My primary interests today revolve around using my tennis background to work with inner-city teenage boys without a father’s influence in their lives.  (I don’t know if you know I was a teaching tennis pro directly out of college and coached high school basketball and tennis for over twenty years.).  Atlanta is the most active tennis city in America which makes it very conducive to using tennis as a vehicle to connect with young men here and it’s highly rewarding to work with them.  In addition, through the encouragement of the local tennis association and the support of another foundation, in 2019 I have a book coming out titled “REAP” Kids - Building Kids Who Are Responsibly Excellent in Academic, Athletic, Artistic, and Personal Pursuits.  My success over the past decade with these inner-city kids has given me a platform to speak to others who work in similar environments and the book is an outgrowth of that.
My wife is a competitive Masters 5K, 10K, and Half-Marathoner (she won the Masters division of the 2016 Atlanta Halloween Half-Marathon), a better than average tennis player, and an avid reader.  In my mind she is just a star across the board.  I am heavily involved in birding (I particularly enjoy songbirds) and we have so many specialty bird feeders out in the back yard it is almost like the Atlanta airport around here.  Great fun though and very relaxing to watch these beautiful birds come and go all day.  My wife and I both also enjoy gardening and deeply appreciate the beauty that comes along with that hobby.  I also read heavily across a number of disciplines; but in particular theology, brain and neuroscience, economics, and sports/coaching.  I still own a health and wellness company.  I am also an ordained Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and attended Westminster Theological Seminary before I moved to Atlanta.  In 2017 I was honored as a Colson Fellow by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview.

Gil Lopez has over 29 years in the field of telecommunications and is working for William Communications Solution. He just returned to Orange County after living in San Diego for the past 12 years, lives in Laguna Niguel and has three sons. He enjoys golf.

John Loughran lives in Orange CA. and is married to Peggy (Campshure) (SAVHS class of '69). They have a son and daughter.

Daniel Lowen lives in Ontario, CA. He is a Construction Field Superintendent for Gypsum Enterprises. He likes golf and softball. His greatest accomplishments since high school are his son and daughter.

Carolyn (McGarrigle) Pendergast is a Public Health Nurse for the Orange County Health Department. She's been married to her husband Tom for 8 years. They have 5 children and 1 grandchild. She likes reading.

Gary McGinnis retired from teaching Math and coaching (football, track, softball, and golf) in 2012. He spent 40 years working for Conejo Valley Unified School District. He has been married for 46 years to his lovely wife Gail.  They have two children, Matthew and Michele and 4 grandchildren.  He is involved with the football Booster club for California Lutheran University.  He enjoys playing golf and riding his motorcycle.

Robin (McGowan) Weber and her husband Kem have been married for 24 years. They live in Nipomo, CA and have 5 daughters. Robin is an elementary school teacher in Santa Maria where she teaches 2nd grade. She enjoys gardening and travel and lists her greatest accomplishments since high school as being happily married and (still) raising 5 daughters.

Patricia (Miles) Barron. After graduation attended Santa Ana College for a short time, married in 1969 and worked for the Santa Ana Public Library and Police Department until 1980. Divorced first husband of 10 years in 1979 and moved to Texas in 1980. One daughter and one granddaughter. She’s an administrative assistant working for Flour Daniel. Inc. and is going to college to obtain a 2 year degree. Married for the third time in 1991. Lives in Needville, TX.

Evelyn Morris lives in Montrose, CA. She works in data entry, likes to travel, sing, and dance.

Ron Morris is in Arizona.  He builds restaurants across the country and has his own disc jockey business.

Ron Nordstrom is living in the wine country in Healdsburg, CA . He and Shar have been married for 22 years and they have a 20 year old son at Cal Poly, and a daughter age 17 going to Chico State. He’s an electrician working in San Francisco. His interests and hobbies include golf, the 49ers, and genealogy.

Henry Pena lives in Orange, CA. He has been married to Elena for 16 years. They have 2 children. Henry is a design consultant and likes skiing.

Roger Peterson lives in Lucerne Valley, CA. He and LeAnne have been married 21 years and have 3 children. Roger works as a Building Inspector for the City of Victorville. His recreational activities include music - guitar - boating - camping.

David Roth lives in Midway City, CA. He's been married for 26 years to Gayla Sue. His interests include golf and fishing.

Linda (Ringler) White lives in Anacortes, WA has been married to Stephen for 25 years. They have 3 children: Christian 30 years old, Jonathan 25 years old, and Linda "Michelle" 23 years old. They have 3 grandchildren. Linda works at the county assessor’s office as a Land Use Specialist/Appraiser. Special interests are softball and biking. She rides both a road and mountain bike totaling an average of 3,000 miles a year.

Judy (Ritter) Morefield lives in Santa Ana. She and husband Larry have been married 28 years and have 2 sons. She is a Library Assistant at Century High School and likes cooking, sewing, and decorating.

Mike Robinett is married with two children. His wife's name is Lynne, she is from England and they have been married for 17 years.  He lives lives and works in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia for the Saudi Aramco Oil Company in Project Management.  Graduated with B.A. in Political Science and M. A. in Business.  Has had a great time living overseas since 1982, playing in International Softball Tournaments in Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Cairo and coaching his son and getting him ready to play in the Little League World Series in 2004 and 2005.  He will conclude his career overseas with retirement in Bend, Oregon.

(Cindy passed away on May 8, 2017)  Cindy (Say) Olis lives in Santa Ana. She's a court clerk at the Harbor Court. Her greatest accomplishment since high school …. Raising her 18 year old son!!

Irene (Sierras) Myers. Everything the same. Same husband, same job, same kids, same house, new car – does that count? Lives in Santa Ana, CA.

Barbara (Spiegel) Ryan lives in Winchester, CA and has been married to Patrick for 27 years. They have 3 children. She is a riding instructor and enjoys show jumping. She lists her greatest accomplishments since high school as being the oldest rider and oldest horse to win training level eventing.

Susan (Stark) Wynkoop. Married to Wayne, American Airlines pilot, for 26 years. Moved from Orange Co., to Las Vegas, NV 8 years ago. She’s worked various jobs through the years, worked for State Farm Insurance awhile and now works for Lear Casting. She’s made a few commercials and been an "Extra in Movies". She’s done Casino, Showgirls, Vegas Vacation, Conair, etc. Son Jason 23 years old and daughter Jodi 20 years old. She loves to snowmobile in Utah.

Belinda (Stevens) Hyde -  My daughters now have aged, Katelynn 11 and Deborah 13. My Deborah just made La Habra High Cheer Team for 2003-2004.  Any loans available?   I also have a beautiful stepdaughter Tammy going to Pharmacy School.   I am currently  teaching 6th Grade in the Mountain View School Dist.located in South El Monte for the past 5 years. I am teaching what I love,  Social Studies and Language Arts. Free time is spent at  CSULB starting a Masters in Education. Between Katie's softball and Deborah's Cheer and gym, there is no time for extra activities!

Rhonda (Stowe) Louden retired as an administrator at the University of California, Irvine and previously Riverside where she obtained her undergraduate degree. She remarried to Tom Louden in 1980 and they raised their 4 children (2+2) together and now have 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Her interests include her family and friends and gardening and traveling. Greatest accomplishments since high school: raising her family, enjoying a wondeful career, traveling the world, earning an MBA.

Randy Summers has been married to fellow classmate Louise (Atchison) for 27 years. They live in Fallbrook, CA and they have 4 daughters. Randy is a mortgage banker. His interests and hobbies include the guitar, drums, and golf. Some of his greatest accomplishments since high school include achieving his own mortgage business and having 4 beautiful daughters.

Tim Taylor works in the medical field with business in HMOs. He has traveled in 60-70 countries, managed finances for billion dollar multi-national organizations, and worked for the Reagan White House.

Tim Turney lives in Roseville, CA. He has 2 children, Jeff (26) who is a senior at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, and Emily Jean (23), who is a senior at UC Davis. He is a Hardware Engineer for Intel in Folsom. His hobbies include racquetball, golf and furniture making for his new home.

Jim Thomlinson is married to fellow classmate Sue Furman. He is a professor of communication at Bloomsburg University of Pa., and is a member of several community organizations. He also works as a campaign manager and pollster in political campaigns.

Dave Velton lives in San Juan Capastrano, CA. He and his wife Chris have been married 21 years and they have 3 daughters. Dave is self-employed and owns a car dealership. He likes golf and old cars.

Viola Walker and husband Matt have been married for 20 years and live in North Bend, WA. They have 2 children. Viola is an Office Manager for an Insurancy Agency. She likes travelling. Her greatest accomplishments since high school are her 2 children, getting her BA in English and teaching credential, and travelling to Europe twice.

Steve Weuve has been married to Cindy for 2 years and they live in Harker Heights, TX. Steve is a Computer Systems Analyst and likes jogging and computers. He has traveled throughout the world.

Gene Wing lives in Santa Ana and has an 11 year old daughter RaeDaun. Gene is an entrepreneur and is working on a movie studio project and working on marketing advanced medical products for weight loss, body shaping, cure for baldness, and impotency treatment (beyond Viagra). His interests include spiritual principled human development. Since high school he has performed, arranged and recorded music.



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