We, THE UNDERSIGNED, being of sound mind hereby Will and bequeath the following to faculty and friends of Santa Ana Valley High School only. This document is to serve as our final Will and Testament revoking all former Wills and Codicils made by us.

1. I Will my electric shaver to Jess Flores so he will never have hairy legs again.          Beth Jurries

2. I Will my fat knees to Jack Wilder.             Cindy Say

3. I Will all my short dresses to Mr. Hess.             Rozanne Hill

4. I leave my own personal bottle of hair restorer to Mr. Edwin Hunt.            Ron Nordstrom

5. I Will my shades to "Cool Hand" McGuckin to wear in peace.             Tim Taylor

6. I leave the name "Frolicking Forsythe" to Mr. Forsythe.             Gary Larson

7. I Will Mr. Fisher my spindled and mutilated bus pass so next year he won't have to walk to school.          Larry Stickney

8. I Will all of my fat to Mr. James "Slim Jim" Railey.            Dave Shaffer

9. I Will to Mrs. Halatsis my paperback book entitled, Hiroshima.                 Yolanda Darby

11. I Will the Staudenbaur Temple, which was built by his Physics' students to honor this great scientist, to next year's Physics' students.         Melody McReynolds

12. I Will Mr. Forsythe a roll of toilet paper to decorate his car.              Ingrid Davies

13. I Will Don Eckman to Sharon Cohrac.          Linda Blanchette

14. I Will the P.E. Department my gym clothes and the rest of my possessions to be divided equally among the students and Alumni.          Nick Puglise

15. I Will the "Falcon" to the next lackey who holds a sincere desire to tell it like it is."           John Nixon

16. I Will to Mr. Corti my old license plates.                Mac VerPlanck

17. I Will the ability to be fair and just and to love other people to Mrs. Lenz.               Jack Berger

18. I Will my telephone booth to Miss Ward.              Roeland Fornerod

19. I Will my red light to Bob Huebner and Jim Beals.                 Suzi Timoti

20. I Will my short dresses and make-up to Mr. Hess.              Linda Giffiths

21. I Will to Mr. McGuckin my left kneecap.              John Hayes

22. I Will my "57" Ford to the History Department for future study.                 Ray Marshall

23. I Will a set of handcuffs to Mr. Bunch.                Beth Wright

24. I Will Jan Shamberg's loud mouth to Miss Janusz.             Phyllis Hopp

25. I Will my underarm hair braider to Mr. Bunch.              Manny Gurule

26. I Will to Mr. Brooks Bernard one free lesson at Eileen Feather's Charm School plus three red, polkadot bow ties upon completion of this lesson.               Kevin Herold

27. I Will to Mr. Railey my ability to eat.            Terry Butcher

28. I Will my ankle weights to next year's song and cheerleaders so they won't blow away when a big wind comes up.         Ed Daley

29. I Will my supply of proton pills to Mr. Railey.           Roger Ramjet

30. I leave my boyfriend, Ed Robinson, to Mr. McGuckin as a body guard.              Kathy Hunter

31. I Will Debbie Eitelt Mrs. Ward's big muscles.            Judy Ritter

32. I Will to Mr. Forsythe a Dine-Out card for his cheap dates and also a good book of love poems.           Rob Onyon

33. Being of unsound mind, I Will my worldly possessions to Mrs. Ward where I hope they will see better days.          Margaret Wallace

34. I leave my shortness to the Sophomore Class.             Florence Ursua

35. I Will anytime, anywhere, and on any occasion my Country needs me answer.                 Rick Minor, Esq.

36. I Will my collection of Adult Education parking citations to Mr. Kirwan so he won't have to print any more next year.           Dale Knudtson

37. I leave my shares in the Widget Corporation to Mr. Forsythe.               Linda Gates

38. I Will my old, 1903 White Rotary typewriter to Mrs. Nelson.           Richard Steele

39. I Will my Betty Crocker cookbook to the Cafeteria crew.            Kathy Weinman

40. I Will my smoking chuckawalla to Mr. McClain for his bubble-bath toy.              Debbie Meyers

41. I Will myself to my best girl friend to be turned over to Dennis at the right time and place.        June Carrol

42. I Will my bright, red, wool knee-warmer to "Uncle Gucky."             Linda Skoog

43. I Will all my love beads to Greg Embrey to help him promote love and peace.             Viola Sawyer

44. I Will to the future drill team all the cold nights at the Bowl.               Rosie Rodrigues

45. I Will my science goggles to Mr. McGuckin.               Terry Killingsworth

46. I Will some extra hair to Brooks Bernard’s always-rising forehead so he doesn’t have to comb his hair like Caesar.             Dennis Anderson.

47. I Will my locker door to Mr. Forsythe so he close it every morning.              Robin Loefler

48. I Will my Honda mechanical talent to the builders in Japan.                  Robert Bettiger

49. I W111 Mike Stewart another fat lip to go with the one he had so that Brenda will enjoy him more.               Mike Robinett.

50. I Will my great day in Black Star Canyon to John, Bob, Frank, and Hans.             Dorothy Gariepy

51. I Will myself a one-way ticket to Phoenix.                Jennee DeHaven

52. I Will my sunglasses to Mr. Forsythe, alias "Mr. Hollywood."            Sharon Foley

53. Being of sound mind, I Will Mr. McClain all the frog and sheep eyes I've dissected in the last two years.        Marta Keith

54. I Will my hair, my natural tan and my natural soul to Mr. John Kubas so he will be able to cope with next year’s basketball team.        Clarence Bracken

55. I Will Mr. Nicholson my ability to procrastinate and my ability for promptness to Mr. Covington, I Will my honor roll picture.        K. Poppe

56. I hereby Will my dandruff to Mr. Guggenheim.            Gloria Diana Williams

57. I Will my good looks and irresistible personality to all the girls at Valley.               Don Hatlen

58. I Will Randy Guillen to Liz Anfolin.              Linda Luna

59. I Will my "flying hamburger" to Mr. Dunn to get around on.             Ronald McDonald

60. I Will my natural hair style to a friend who has no hair on his head, Anthony Fletcher.                Anthony A. Sims

61. I Will my "sexy" P.E. clothes to Miss Quesnel.              Shari Garrett

62. I Will my superior study posture to Mr. Charles Staudenbaur.           John Hill

63. I Will my German accent to Mr. Kubas so that people can’t realize anymore that he's a Pollock.                Wolfgang Betz

64. I Will my lunch pass to Mr. Hall.                Warren Hoover

65. I Will all of my empty ink pens to my shorthand teacher, Mrs. Lula Allison.                  Ellen Engle

66. I Will my extra 16-inch, 1939 Chrysler rims to Coach Murrel for his little, red Volkswagen.            Glen Clave

67. I Will Mr. John Kubas one hundred and one Pollock jokes.                 Larry Serrano

68. I Will a bottle of Scope to all the teachers at Valley who have bad breath.                   The Green Phantom

69. Being of sound mind, I bequeath my love of life to any healthy, happy-go-lucky junior predator.                Larry Malone

70. I Will my debating partner, Wade Hardcastle, to any willing girl.              Jim Tomlinson

71. I Will the right to, wear your hair as long as you want it to all the future students of Valley.              Ray Moreno

72. I Will my girl friend to anyone who wants her.                John Bratkowsky

73. I Will my oatmeal and buttermilk to Mr. David Bunch.               Linda Walles

74. I Will a year's course in "How to Make a Yearbook" to Mr. Bernard.              Wayne Lattanzi

75. I Will to Tom Van Over maturity and finesse, which apparently he’ll never gain on his own.           Laura Pollard

76. I Will to Mr. Hunt my l,000 calorie diet sheet.               Annette Lewis

77. Being of unsound mind, I Will all my muscles to the one who deserves them most--Jim Tomlinson.           Wade Hardcastle

78. I Will my good disposition to Mr. Murrel.            Jim Beals

79. I Will my Laurel and Hardy pen and pencil set to Uncle McGuckin.             Danny Elser

80. I Will my nose, freckles included, to Gloria Murrow.             Coila Nunnelly

81. Being of sound mind, I Will to all interested bodies the beauty of life, of love, and happiness. May God bless and richly reward all and give courage and faith to all.                   Darryl Jo Andry

82. I Will to S.A. Valley Rumplestiltskins so that they may never forget old rump.              Ron Fitzgerald

83. I Will my bubble gum wrappers to Hugo Hurtado.               Susan Manriguez

84. Being of sound mind, I Will my big crush on Mr. Rohrer to Sharon Cohrac.                  Joyce Rawson

85. Being of sound mind and body, I Will to Mr. Forsythe a set of weights that he can attach to his chin to keep his head down.            Dave Buchholz

86. I Will my groovy, half day schedule to Alice Cachet because she deserves a vacation from this school.                   Donna Seeber

87. Being of sound mind, I Will all the "Porkey Pig Cartoons" to Mr. McGuckin.                  Peggy Daughterty

88. I Till the refrigeration unit in R-7 to Miss Kelley for her to share with her students next year.                  Marc Ovesen

89. I Will my sex appeal to Mr. Malais.                   Robin Harvey

90. I Will my eyelash curler to Mr. Forsythe.               Susie Stark

9l. I Will a pot of chittlings, cooked over a fire for two weeks to Mr. McGuckin.                Maureen Saunders

92. I Will the wart off of my thumb to the Biology Department for study.                Terry Cox

93. I Will to Ronnie (Honey) Forsythe the Playboy girl for June then we’ll see who is the cheapest.                Chuck Lia

94. I Will my tube of Ultra-Bright toothpaste to all the underclass women.                  Charles Leroy Grimes

95. I Will all detention time to "Clancy" McLaughlin.                   Denise Engstrom

96. I Will my skate key to Carl "Soul" Fields to tighten up with.                     Mike Bukove

97. We, the "feet artists" Will next year's "filthy five" our half gallon of blue paint and our set of used paint bushes to repaint the feet during Easter vacation. We Will also two big watchdogs to keep people from "messing up" their masterpieces!

98. We, Dave Naslund, Ron Huntoon, Dale Knudtson, Ed Daley, and Kevin Herold do hereby Will Mr. Dunn and Mr. Fahring a dozen rolls of toilet paper, in assorted colors, to get back at the "culprits" who "Did It" to their houses. We also Will them our exceptional speed in their operations so they will not get caught – they’ll need it!

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