The 50th Reunion was held

August 25, 2018 at Balboa Pavilion, Newport Beach, CA



Click on picture for video clip   



Reunion Committee - Dave Naslund, Kathy Blondel, Tim Turney, Phyllis (Hopp)                             Vince Ceppaglia, Phyllis (Hopp) Miller 

Miller, Dale Knudtson, Richard Hillard, Rhonda (Stowe) Louden, Mark Cordova



Dianna (Dove) Harrell                                         Vince Ceppaglia and wife Judy
Sharon (Granados) Clark
  Lupy (Nava) Martinez                                                Vivian Calderon
Barbara (Spiegel) Ryan, Dale Knudtson, David Godley, Danny Keef, Ken Emry 
Mark Cordova, Joe Baker                                                                     Lynda (Duff) Pewdo, Ken Emry, Ron Childress, David Godley
Helen (Salley) Dallaire and husband Dan, Patty (Madden) Clouser                       Ian Scott and wife Kerri
Lynda (Duff) Pewdo, Danny Lowen                                                    Sharon (Granados) Clark, LeeAnn (Rogers) Lohrbach
Ron Nordstrom, Rhonda (Stowe) Louden                                                        Ralph Klimek and wife Jemi
Robin (Loeffler) Blevens and husband Leaford                                    Steve Lorhbach (class of '67) with wife LeeAnn (Rogers), Mark Cordova
Dave Naslund, Mark Cordova                                                               Lainy Daugherty (sister of Peggy Daugherty Mattson)

Stan Bokosky, Steve Kirby                                                      Rhonda (Stowe) Louden, Ron Nordstrom

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